Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WoW, is Robbie Hummel slipping?

My friends and I study in a very strange area, the Purdue University Airport. Despite the fact that it is located a mile from our place of residency, it seems to have a feeling of death during the night, and that it is plastered with Emelia Earhart memorabilia it is by far the best place on campus to study. Before discovering the diamond in the ruff that is the Airport we studied at the lobby in our residence hall, eventually everyone else caught onto this tactic and the lobby became overcrowded, and too loud to study. One of the numerous benefits to studying at the lobby is that we have entertainment in the form of watching the late night travelers departing and arriving at the airport. During an evening last week we saw the woman's basketball team from Minnesota University depart, and those ladies were much taller than expected. Moving on though, in the same night a plane arrived and I was looking through the windows. I turned to my friend and said " I think that's Chris Kramer in that plane." My friend was unsure if it was him or not so we got back to doing our homework not worrying about the plane.

Some quick background: I am a die hard Purdue Boilermakers Basketball fan, I'm a member of Paint Crew, the student cheering section for the team. By far my favorite player on the team is Robbie Hummel, since he became a Boilermaker last year, he has been my favorite player to watch in the NCAA. He is 6'8" averages 13.2 points per game, and is currently suffering from a back injury, but still plays. He is a phenomenal team player, and a Management major in Krannert's School of Management.

Back to the story, I'm positive that this is the men's basketball team sitting in their plane waiting to get off. My friend turns to me and tells me that maybe we should go just so they have their space. I refuse, after all it is a public area we have a right to be there as much as they do. The basketball team gets out of the plane and comes into the gate where we usually do homework, and they begin to talk to us. I congratulated them on the great game they had just played in Minnesota, and immediatley found Robbie. I asked him if he could give me his autograph, for my girfriend his "biggest fan" (I told him this so he wouldn't think I was some kind of freak). He was very generous and signed a sheet of loose leaf paper with a nice note to her. We talked for about a minute and he was by far one of the nicest people I've ever met. My friend took a picture of him and I, and then the team left. That night was by far one of the most exciting of my collegiate career so far.

The next major thing that happened last week was that I got rehooked on World of Warcraft. In case you have yet to hear, World of Warcraft is easily the most popular video game in the world, with eleven and a half million people playing. I'll be honest I have a video gaming problem, if I pick up a video game you may not see me for the next week. But when it comes to World of Warcraft and I it's totally different, it's the heroine of video games. Let's just say every moment I've not been doing homework, sleeping, or going to class I have been playing.

I'm going to have to go ahead and blame my older brother for this, he is also a World of Warcraft addict and he pressured me into it. The problem with playing this game for me is that I have no attention span for anything else in life at the moment. I always think about it. It's an addiction, there's an outside chance I need help, probably not though. I know some of my readers are probably thinking that I'm a huge nerd. You're right, I agree. Right when I'm done posting this, I'll be playing for sure. I enjoy school, love video games, and see nothing wrong with spending my whole weekend playing video games and doing homework. That's not to say I don't have a social life, I have plenty of friends I'm just friends with people who think and feel the same way I do about life. It works well.

My final story that I'm going to present you with is about the weather here in the midwest and how it almost killed me today. As some of you may know it's currently snowing, snow + cold= icey conditions. Unfortunatley at Purdue University someone had the wise idea that instead of actually using a plow to plow the sidewalks that a snow polisher would be a good idea. Now I call it a snow polisher but no, it isnt actually a snow polisher. It's a tractor with a gigantic cylandrical spinning brush on the front. Which esentially removes the large amounts of snow leading to a seemingly snowless sidewalk with a two centimeter thick layer of ice on it.

I have bad balance, and I walk weird. I seem to slip and fall alot, and this morning I saw a girl fall on the ice, I felt bad about it but it was one of those situations where you can't help but laugh. I laughed a little, to myself of course. But then I was treking back across campus and I started to lose my balance on the ice but then I regained it again. I started to walk again, thinking about what I was going to write in my blog today, and then I started to slip again and then I all out fell. Straight on my rear. It hurt, I heard some laughing. Then I remebered, Karma sucks.

I decided that in every time I write on my blog I'm going to include a currently listening to section, in which you can see what some of my music preferences are, if they're similar to yours feel free to drop me a comment.

Currently Listening to: "Enema of the State" by Blink-182

So, which was I lying about? Your choices are: Robbie Hummel, World of Warcraft, or Slipping.

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  1. Wow, like wow in cool or surpised...not WoW. haha. Now that I got that out of my system, nice entry! I thought it rather entertaining, however now I am annoyed in trying to figure out which is the lie...

    I want to saw WoW just because I don't understand the fascination with that game (if this is a truth, could you please enlighten me about the game's awesomeness?)

    For whatever reason I want to believe the Robbie story...probably because it seems so improbable that it is actually a truth....

    so...I'm going to say the lie was the slipping?

    Anyway, good blog. I really like the angle you are going with it and I feel you may have gained a regular reader. Have fun with these! I know I am.