Friday, April 24, 2009

El Fin!

  • Frustration
  • Exhaustion
  • Done
  • Finished
All the above are thoughts, feelings and emotions currently running through me. Although this is my last blog entry forever the experience will be everlasting within me.

The summer is around the bend, the weather is beautiful, despite these factors the blogger is currently sitting inside in front of their computer attempting to cram something interesting inside of this blog while my mind is some far away destination. This destination being outside in the beautiful weather spending time with his friends. To the most utter unfortune though I am inside writing this piece of bloggage for my audience; a captivating work of the insights of the blogger's mind!

This week I am going to fray away from the two truths and one lie that may have made me a enjoyable read. Why? Because first of all I can :) and second of all I don't feel like attempting to lie this week. Although, I am a fantastic liar nonetheless.

I have found that due to my lying "skills" I often find myself in awful predicaments. Categorizing myself as a good person I don't lie very often and try not to at all. But sometimes I find myself lying about trivial things. I'll place blame on my Mother for that one, due to the fact that when I was younger I always avoided getting in trouble by lying. It's a terrible tendency that I need to rid myself of.

Summer is right around the bend, the only obstacle in my way is the next two weeks. I figure that if I make it through finals alive and still have some hair left from all the stress that I'll be fine. I'm attempting to make it into the 3+2 program here at Purdue University. The 3+2 program is an insanely difficult program to get into, and it reduces the number of years I will ideally be here by one. One year is quite a bit of money in the work world if you think about it! Anyways, the 3+2 program is where students earn their undergraduate degree in the first three years of college and then earn their MBA in the following two years. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this semester ends as well as my last one did.

Due to my aspirations to become part of this program the additive pressure is starting to get to me, it's a big deal when you can save yourself quite a bit of money by getting out of college a year early. Just thinking about it makes me nervous, and hopefully in two weeks I'll be able to pull through and do well enough to meet the criteria.

Thank you all for reading my blog! I hope all of you do well on your finals, and have a very enjoyable spring break.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Burden of a Cubs Fan

Many of my friends are Cubs fans, this may be a good thing considering that my unwavering fandom has resulted in hostility to other baseball team's fans in the past it's a good thing. But over the last week I've noticed that one of my friend's loyalty to the Cubbies is quite clearly not as loyal as my own.

It all began last week at Wiley dining hall, when he mentioned that he believed that due to the Cubs failure in the past 100 years to win the World Series that Wrigley Field should be destroyed, and the whole team should be rebuilt. Immediately I got on his case about this comment, possibly too forward about the situation I began by asking how he can consider himself a fan of something he just stated he believed should be burned down.

"I'm from Chicago I have to be a Cubs fan"-him.
"Last time I checked Chicago has two major baseball teams"-Me
"I'm just saying they've been such a failure recently"-him
"You don't consider winning divisional titles and making it into the playoffs a success"-Me


I've out done him. Suddenly the battle is within my hands so I go for the kill shot:

"No real Cubs fan would ever say to burn down Wrigley Field and get rid of all the current Cubs players. Stop being an idiot."

Good game fool, don't mess with me about the Cubs.

It's times like those that make me believe that I should possibly be a politician, my debating skills are top notch especially topics in which I'm well educated upon. Unfortunately, in the opinion of myself and many others most top notch politicians seem to graduate from Yale, Harvard, and other insanely elite Universities. Also somehow politicians find a way to make a ridiculous amount of money to campaign, mostly from a political party. Considering all the above my hopes and dreams to become a politician will have to wait until a future life.

As my enraging about my friend is beginning to clear from my head some, I begin to think about how it's amazing that summer is just over the horizon. We are officially three weeks away from being done with school. This will be the last real week of school considering next week is dead week and the following week is finals.

Summer is an exciting time for me, given that I do believe it's most likely an exciting time for most reading this due to the break from academics. There's not much like a three month break from having to do excessive work of the brain. To say the least, I'm excited for it.


Luckily before I posted this I noticed that someone ninjaed in a comment so now I have something to reply to! Unfortunately Sally Sue was incorrect in her guess. I was actually lying about my birthday! Actually, it is in may. It is quite unfortunate that my girlfriend can't love my addiction to video games. Yeah and that's not cool that they have people check up on you to make sure that you're at class! But I guess it's understandable especially if you have a scholarship, because you're Purdue's investment then! Nice try though, thanks for commenting!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Birthday Gone Missing

Wow have I had a crazy day already. This morning I failed to wake up, which is quite unusual for me. Unfortunately I missed my statistics class, which is troubling due to the fact that I had a mini-quiz today like I do on every Friday.

It's not very often that I miss class though so I'm working on rationalizing the whole situation with myself still. The whole cognitive dissonance thing working against me, for those who have ever done a psychology class. Being a hard working, studious student it's difficult to come to the terms that I didn't wake up to my alarm beeping at me a ton.

At the same time, it was somewhat my own fault. During this last week new content has came into World of Warcraft, and due to my subtle addiction to the game I have been playing it a ton. I've been doing great in the game and have improved alot. The addiction wouldn't be so infectious if I didn't have friends who pay it.

Many of my friends, and my older brother play WoW (World of Warcraft), due to this the game becomes very social and contagious. My girlfriend doesn't really like the fact that I play so much because it takes away from my time with her. I'm the kind of person though that if they really want to do something they'll just do it anyways because I'm independent. I guess it causes her quite a bit of frustrations.

Although it frustrates my girlfriend there is a surprisingly large amount of females who play and enjoy World of Warcraft. Most of them are girlfriends of guys who are addicted or just girls who like video games. That's pretty cool though that Blizzard was able to make a video game that outreached to all kinds of people!

This Wednesday was my birthday! It was actually a pretty fun day even though I didn't do very much. I just kinda was a big bum and took the day off of studying which was nice. It was pretty awesome though because I got to go to my BGR training wooo! (slight sarcasm) I'm excited though because my older brother is coming down to visit me for the weekend.

My brother and I are going to have a good time this weekend though, he is also bringing down some of his friends and I bet it will be a really good weekend so I'm excited!

Was I lying about: wake up, World of Warcraft, or birthday?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Days

*Sigh* As my wet feet dry and I sit here in class recollecting about my weekend trying to come up with something to write about I notice that I hate rain. Nothing is more depressing then walking out of your dorm room almost a mile from campus and knowing that you will have to trek in miserable weather to your classes. Today I looked up the weather to find that for the next couple days will be soggy.

Hopefully it isn't too rainy back near my hometown, in Chicago. There is a Cubs game on at 1:20 P.M. and watching that would make today a much brighter sun shining day. The Cubs have been getting off to quiet a good season so far with a 4-2 record. Yesterday’s game versus the Milwaukee Brewers was quite an exciting one. One of the relief pitchers loaded the bases and Milwaukee's stud first baseman Prince Fielder came up to bat. The score at this point in the game was 6-2 and with a grand slam the game would be tied.

Fielder ripped the third pitch he saw to the right field; as soon as the ball left his bat I knew it was gone, out of the park, for the grand salami. But then out of nowhere right fielder Reed Johnson ran up and jumped up the wall to steal Fielder of the grand slam. It was an amazing defensive play by Reed Johnson.

I’m excited though because the game today is the Cubs home opener and there’s nothing like watching a game at Wrigley Field. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago may have instilled this love of Wrigley Field on me but nonetheless I believe Wrigley is one of the classic pieces of architecture in Chicago.

One of my friends here at Purdue is also a Cubs fan but he doesn’t love Wrigley like I do. He always comments about how he believes the White Sox’s U.S. Cellular Field is better than Wrigley. Although I respect his viewpoint I think he’s an absolute idiot; another one of my friends who is a Cubs fan was with him when he made this comment, and we jumped on his back about it right away. In my opinion, saying that Wrigley is a “shit hole” as he described it is pretty much saying you don’t like the Cubs. The two are a packaged deal, when you think of the Cubs Wrigley Field also instantly comes to mind!

Well I hope you are all enjoying this rainy day and I’ll get back to you in my next blog post!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just recently returned back to my dorm room with a large glad ware container full of monster cookies. They are quite possibly the most delectable cookie ever created. They contain peanut butter, M&Ms, oatmeal, and chocolate chips.

Some may believe that these wouldn't be very good tasting but they indeed are. The complimentary peanut butter and chocolate can get overwhelmingly sweet at times, but the nice thing is that the oatmeal cancels out that over sweetness and creates an amazing dessert item.

At one point I inspired to be a food critic in the future because I feel as though I have the tongue and the adjectives for such a career, unfortunately my love for mathematics swayed me into being an accountant instead.

Upcoming this weekend is Easter!! I would have to say that Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays. My parents are coming to pick me up quite soon, and I'm excited to go home it feels like it's been a really long time since I've been there.

My parents and other family members always made Easter such an enjoyable holiday. When I was in my youth we always would have a gigantic Easter egg hunt in my grandma's house and there were always creative things that you would find. Even though we are all around the ages of 18-22 we still participate in this tradition.

Maybe that just goes to show that some traditions are so much fun they should never be let go no matter what your age.

While there is many traditions that my family has with Easter I'm also really excited to go and see my two older brothers who I don't get to see very often. They are my best friends, and have been there with me for all my life. I'm kinda sad though because my oldest brother is graduating from college soon, so he'll be out of the house and on his own.

My friend has been having alot of problems with one of his professors recently. He said that earlier in the year his professor had been being really nice and awesome, but that now he's just being mean. The professor said that if he saw a student with their phone out or talking while they were that they would immediately have removed 20% of their grade. Not only do I feel like this was unfair but the professor was also going to not even tell the student if he was removing 20% of their grade.

In my opinion that is an unfair call by the professor. If they are going to punish a student for having a phone out during class they need to be up front and open about when they do it because otherwise I believe that that isn't very fair treatment at all.

It is somewhat reminiscent of high school, in which they would take away your cell phones if they saw them and all that other stuff. I understand why they did that back in high school but I don't understand why they would do it now. If it's a distraction to class I think most definitly a teacher should say so but otherwise they should just let it be.

Was I lying about: Monster Cookie, Easter, or professors?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fail Sail!

I just wanted to let you all know that nobody succeeded at guessing what my lie was last week. I'm going to go ahead and extend the offer that if for this week's blog episode if you would like to guess what last week's lie was you can still guess.

Earlier this week on Monday was the Cubs season opener. Being an avid comes fan I was quite excited for my school day to end so I could get back to my dorm to enjoy the game. After a day of long anticipation I came back to see that Boiler Television's ESPN 2 channel was bugged out. When I turned the television to ESPN 2 there was just a little Direct TV logo floating around. I was extremely upset that I was unable to enjoy the season opening of my dearest Chicago Cubs.

I ended up watching the game on my computer and the Cubs won! Just I can't believe we're at a school where most of the baseball fans I meet are Cubs fans, and the game isn't even on our television stations!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Working Out my Frustrations With Women

After my 7:30 class this morning I decided to go to the recreational sports center to work out. It had been a little while since I had been at the RSC. I forgot how much I dislike it, when I went there this morning it was absolutely crowded. If Purdue was really motivated to keep the campus healthy they would have fixed what I have heard has been a problem for a long time.

According to an article in The Exponent, I'm not the only one who thinks this, 84% of Purdue students who use the facility believe that it is too overcrowded. On top of this, we are the only school in the Big Ten who only has one facility for recreational sports. I recently visited the University of Illinois to visit my brother, who is a manager at their intramural sports building and we were discussing it. He agrees that our facilities are majorly under par. The University of Illinois has three buildings on campus dedicated to maintaining the fitness of their students.

I just don't understand with the copious amount of money that some of us are spending on tuition why we can't have a nice, good space to maintain a healthy life style.

As long as I have known my mother, she has always been a very bossy person. During my youth my two older brothers and I constantly did chores around the house hold. She was absolutely insane about it as we were growing up too. We were her mules and work labor force.

Often during our free time we would be asked to do the most obscure things, and my mother still tries to ask. But as I've grown and gotten use to the routine I usually attempt to rationalize with her. We live on a one acre yard in which she insists must be ridden of all sticks, even the extremely small minuscule twigs. Why she does this I do not know, she says it's because she needs all of them picked up to mow the lawn. This is a lie. Majority of sticks that are small can be easily ran over with a riding lawn mower. Even some medium size sticks can be too.

I often believe that this is the way of her desperate attempts to exercise control over her three college age boys. Sometimes, parents just need to notice that their children will be soon to grow up and be on their own. All I want is some independence and not to be told to do ridiculous chores. I can understand doing small things but doing all day things for majority of the week is a ridiculous request.

What is even more ridiculous is that over spring break, 24 hours after I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed she requested that I help her with cleaning the garage. Normally, this wouldn't be too daunting of a task but due to my general nauseous-ness and pain I really didn't want to do it. But to be respectful to my mother I did anyways. I mentioned to her that I was getting dizzy, and her reply was that we were almost done. That's how ridiculous she is.

Although some parents think working their children around the house is a good idea I believe I have suffered mental setbacks due to it. I'm currently in a relationship and have been for the last two years. My girlfriend has a somewhat similar personality to my mother and often requests to have things her way, and they must be her way.

As you can imagine having the two stubborn people ripping me both ways has most definitely taken a toll on me. Often during high school I would have to argue with my girlfriend, or my mom, and sometimes both to make sure that I wouldn't be placing myself in a bad position.

Some people call it whipped, but I like to think of it as a form of dedication to my girlfriend that I give her what she wants when it isn't against my parents rules. Sometimes I think about it and wonder if quite possibly I don't give much of a rebuttal back to her due to how bossed around I was earlier in life.

Was I lying about: working out, my mother, or relationship?