Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Surrounded.. easily entertained extremely annoying people!

I've learned over the last couple of days that I have some friend who are extremely annoying. One of my friend's has a constant need to be around me at all times. Not only is this weird, strange and disturbing. But he is also the kind of person who always needs attention. So while he is "hanging out with me" whether it be while I'm playing video games or watching TV he always finds a need to make comments.

It is by far the strangest thing ever in my mind. I'm not much of the outgoing person and it bothers me when people by far over stay their welcome. I have been giving my friend the hint that we really don't need to be around each other all of the time and clearly he doesn't get it. So, today after lunch when he was once again attempting to spend time with me and our conversation went like so.

(We walk into our dormitory and I turn to him)

Myself: Alright, I'll see you later.

My Friend: Well what are you going to be up to?

Myself: Studying, playing video games, and such.

My Friend: Oh, can I join you.

Myself: Nah, I just feel like being alone.

My Friend: : Come on, I'll just sit there and study.

Myself: Can't you do that alone.

My Friend: Seriously, I'm just going to sit there.

Myself: Seriously, I just want to be alone.

My Friend: Alright, bye.

I thought it was really weird, strange, and awkward. Who really wants to spend time with someone that badly. I'm really creeped out. Maybe it's something about people that I just don't understand, because I'm somewhat introverted. If anyone could explain this to me that would be great.

So last night some of my other friends and I were playing Mario Kart Wii with my girlfriend across the internet. I had my wii connected to the internet and my friend had his wii connected to the internet down the hall. In my room, my friend and I were on my wii whereas my other two friends were on the wii in one of their rooms.

Here comes the unexplainable part: Everytime one of my friends wins I can hear him yelling. Let's just say he's outragously good. He won almost everytime and just to make a point of it he would walk over to our room and scream in victory. He's like that all off the time, we play Super Smash Bros. Bros. Brawl on wii. He cares more about taunting us and shoving it in or face that he is better at video games then us.

I hate people like that. Why in your right mind do you think that that's a good idea or would make people want to play with you.

Anyways, we were playing mario kart wii and the friend who is sitting next to me got so excited after getting second place (yeah it was that sad) that he got up and started yelling too. He went over to my other friend's room and I could hear his excitement down the hall. He did this over and over again probably about five times.

Maybe I don't understand. It's just a video game. I don't understand how someone can care so much and that's coming from a harcore gamer. Currently I'm actually playing World of Warcraft, which just proves my undying passion for video games. But I also understand that nobody likes to lose, and nobody especially likes a sore winner.

Finally, while we're on the subject of video games. In my personal opinion XBOX 360 is by far the best console currently on the market. The wii has great intuitive gameplay, the PS3 has graphics but XBox 360 has the best mix of both. It also has many great games like Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto, and Fable 2.

Am I lying about?:easily entertained extremely annoying people, mario kart Wii, or XBOX 360

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Monday, February 23, 2009

My Personal Apologies

I'll have to be honest with all of you, last week's post was an extremely difficult one for you all to figure out. I am at fault for this I inserted a post that included half truth/half lies therefore I am granting everyone who guessed effort points. I see it as back in the days of kindergarten where grades didn't matter and everyone was happy. Looking back upon those days make me miss them.Which makes the current score: Clairpet:3, Zebra Lady:1, Guy McGee:1, and kah:1.My half truth/half lie post was the one about South Park. I love South Park; it's by far one of my favorite shows currently on television. Although, during last week unfortunately I did not watch South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. I wish I had but I didn't. In the future I'll try to make them easier.

In case anyone else was interested its 16 days until the new season begins for South Park. I'm excited; when I came to college I discovered the website South Park Studios. It's a great website for fans of South Park. It’s run by Comedy Central and they have all of the South Park episodes ever created streaming at your fingertips.

My mind is currently boggled by the NCAA Men's basketball rankings that were recently released. Out of the top 25 teams in the nation, Purdue University is currently ranked 21st. Now that isn't that bad at all, but here is the problem: Weekly the rankings are updated and we had a much better week then our Big-Ten Competitor University of Illinois. But still they moved up in the rankings much more than we did. University of Illinois was defeated by Penn State 38-33 on February 18th. Thirty-three points is the lowest amount of points the University of Illinois has posted since 1947. At the same time they also two wins over the last week; Over Ohio State, and Indiana University.

Purdue University's basketball team on the other hand had four victories this week. With the most major one coming against Michigan State University, who are currently first in the Big Ten and ranked 5th in the nation. We routed the Spartans 72-54 and barely get any credit for it. In my personal opinion the basketball team deserves a little bit more respect for that!

I'm hoping that with the new rankings, which come out later this week give some respect to one of the best teams in the nation, the Purdue Boilermakers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Week From Hell


Due to unfortunate circumstances my blog post this week may not be up to par. My comma button broke last night.


Your writer.

This week has been absolutely miserable and it is only Tuesday. Yesterday for lunch I ate at my favorite location (comma) Windsor Dining Court. They happened to be serving my favorite meal in the dining courts spicy crispy chicken breast. To say the least they are absolutely delicious.

About a half hour after eating the spicy chicken breast I started to feel ill. My stomach felt terrible and I kept feeling like I had to vomit. The worse thing about feeling like you have to vomit is not vomiting. Always after I vomit my stomach feels alot better. But yesterday for some reason my body just wouldn't give it up. This led to an intensely angry me no one wants to be walking to the bathroom every ten minutes because they think they may vomit.

Good news is that I made it through just fine and after sleeping for twelve hours last night I'm feeling alot better.

Bad news is that this week I have three exams and my stomach issues detached me from my attention span to studying. I have exams in Computer Science(comma) Statistics(comma) and History of East Asia. I think the first two will be fine but the History of East Asia one might be quite difficult.

History has always been far from the easiest subject for me. I have problems motivating myself to learn about something that I will probably never have to know again in my life. Being an accounting major I really doubt I'll ever have to know the major events that occured in Japan(comma) Korea and China.

I really enjoy my Computer Science class for the review session my professor brought in brownies and if you got the question right he would throw you a brownie. It's a really good creative idea that made reviewing quite fun.

My statistics class isn't that bad either. Some people might be looking at this blog and be wondering why I would say a math class at Purdue University "isn't that bad". I'm lucky for some reason math comes really easy to me. Henceforth why I'm a Accounting major!

One of my favorite movies by far is South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. After I finish studying I'm definitly going to sit down and enjoy the film. It's hillarious. I know that there are some people out there who despise South Park mostly for its crude humor and vulgarness. I think those people need to notice the upside of South Park.

South Park offers great lessons and morals behind what may seem to be crude(comma) childish humor. Let's take for example The South Park Movie. Some may seem this as a foolish attempt to poke at Canada(comma) the story line being about Terrance and Phillip two Canadian film makers who make a terrible vulgar film that children all across America watch. Many parents believe that the films have corrupted their children. In response the parents go after the Canadian film makers and hold them as hostages. They then threaten to execute the Canadians and go to war with Canada.

Suprisingly(comma) it is quite an interesting plot line. When all of these parents are creating groups and going against the Canadians that the children are at home being neglected. The moral is aimed more towards adults. It states that maybe instead of being worried about who created the vulgarities in the youth that maybe they should be more loving and concerned about the youth. Instead of chasing after the cause they should be more concerned and observant of their children and their behavior.

Nonetheless it is an epic film. I suggest that anyone who can stomach a little bit of vulger humor to watch it. WARNING: It is Rated R.

So this week was I lying about: Spicy Crispy Chicken Breast(comma) three exams (comma) South Park.

My apologizes about the comma button mishap I will try to have it fixed by next week.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Winner by Default

Unfortunately no one properly guessed last week's lie. There was one guess, Zebra Lady guessed that I was lying about the adult store. Actually that was a true story! The actual lie was the corvette story. My dad didn't buy himself a new car. I wish he had that would be sweet!

I'm glad to hear positive feedback about the new insertion of Horizontal Breaks. I'll keep doing that to make the reading of my blog much easier.

So just a quick score check, Zebra Lady gets the point of the week for her valiant effort. Clairpet:2, Zebra Lady:1, and everyone else:0. Good luck everybody on this week's edition! I'll try my best to post it as early as possible!

Today is the first day of Spring Training for majority of Major League Baseball teams. Of course my pre-season favorite is the Cubs. Over the offseason the Cubs added Milton Bradley, and removed some of the unnecessary players in my opinion, such as Jason Marquis who was by far one of my least favorite Cubs players.

By far my favorite Cubs player is Alfonso Soriano, he is the only player to ever have 40 home runs, 40 doubles, and 40 stolen bases in a Major League season. He is also the only player on the 40-40 club to have not been accused of using steroids. The 40-40 club is players who have hit 40 home runs and have stolen 40 bases in one season.

His company in the 40-40 club is Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez. Canseco wrote a book on how often he did steroids, and with that book he also brought down many of his fellow steroid users. Barry Bonds is the king of steroids and Alex Rodriguez has recently been accused of using steriods and openly admitted to the use. I just hope and pray that Alfonso Soriano hasn't been taking steroids. That would make me very dissappointed he is by far my favorite player in the game.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOST, Adult Stores, and Corvettes

So, there was only one vote for what kind of style to break apart the parts of my entries with. The winner was Horizontal Breaks. I'm excited so you should be too!

My dad got a new car last week. He use to drive a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse, it was a baby blue color. Not a good color for a man who is six feet tall, and well over 200 pounds. Well for that fact a baby blue car isn't a good color for any man. He purchased himself a black 2007 Corvette.

When I heard this I was ecstatic, Corvettes are by far my favorite type of car. I'm going home next weekend just to try to see if I can convince him to let me drive it some. I doubt that it will work, I could barely convince my dad to let me drive his old car. Wish me luck; I'll let you all know how that goes.

This last weekend was by far one of the best weekends I've had at college. I'm really good friends with alot of the guys on my floor. One of my friends on the floor is this young Asian lad he's one of those people who are extremely pure about everything in life. He grew up in a very protective household, and it's quite easy to tell. He never stays out very late, always studies, and doesn't really enjoy life. We'll call him "Bill" for this story's sake.

We took advantage of the fact that one of my other friends has a car at Purdue. Last Saturday we began the evening by cruising around thinking about what we should do, and then we came up with a great idea. We were going to go to the Adult Fantasy Shop and purchase Bill something so then maybe he would loosen up a little more about life.

It was quite a funny experience because we get into the Adult Fantasy Shop and one of my friends had forgotten his state ID but, lucky for us the man operating the counter was kind enough to allow him in anyways. We found what we wanted to get him and checked out. The cashier was probably one of the nicest cashiers I've ever spoken to, he forewarned us that because there was a bar nearby to watch out for cops.

On the ride home we did see a cop. Luckily, being the good citizens we are, we were following all of the laws! During the ride home we discussed good options for how to present Bill with his gift. We decided that we were going to hide it in one of our jackets and he would have to guess, while one of my friends videotaped the experience.

We got back to the dorm and Bill didn't have very much luck guessing, he didn't guess the right person until they were the last option. When we presented Bill with his gift he was the happiest I've seen him. He was actually probably the happiest he's ever been.

My friends and I have watched the video of presentation again, and seeing how glad he was made me happy. It was by far one of the funniest moments of my life.

Ever since coming to college, I have stopped watching as much TV as I use to. But one show that I always watch still is LOST it is in my opinion the best show on television. My favorite thing about LOST is the deepness of the characters. If you've ever seen LOST you would notice that the flashbacks and flash forwards that have come to be a major part of LOST usually increases our knowledge about the characters.

Another part that I really like about LOST is how intensely deep it is. Unfortunately, if you began to watch the show now you would be lost without knowing what happened in the past. The plot line twists and turns and always seems to throw a wrench in what you think may be occurring in the show. I really enjoy that part because it keeps you always on your toes, and thinking.

So was I falsifying about: Corvette, last weekend, or LOST?

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Better Luck Next Time!

Unfortunately, we didn't have any winners this week for which of my stories were lies. The options were: SPAMALOT, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, or Navy Pier. The correct answer was Navy Pier. The closest guess was Claripet, who guessed SPAMALOT. Although, they did guess the incorrect event by default she does win. I did go to SPAMALOT, actually it was the second time I had seen it. Also, I'm not a huge fan of Navy Pier. It's just the kinda place that you only go to once, at least for me. Many of the things that are there aren't capable of holding my attention for very long.

Which makes the score: Claripet:2 Everyone else in the whole world who is reading this:0. That's alright better luck next time everyone!

In the upcoming week, the main section of my blog is recieving a slight renovation,I will either be bulleting, numbering, or inserting horizontal breaks to distinctly show where one story ends and another begins. Sadly I don't know how to insert a horizontal break, so if anyone wants to give me directions I can do that. But, let's take a vote and whichever one wins I will use that format style

SO VOTE! Bullets? Numbers? or Horizontal Breaks?

Ahhh Democracy at work.

Big news, Blink-182 appeared at the Grammy's last night. It was epic. Being a huge Blink fan myself, the moment brought tears to my eyes. I have been listening to the trio for so long I can't remeber a moment in my life without them. It's great that Tom Delonge decided that he wanted to finally get back to making amazing music. Finally, the world is back to normal.

Ever since the big news I have done nothing but listen to Blink-182, it is a very very exciting time for music at least in my interests. Two of my favorite bands Blink-182, and Angels & Airwaves are coming out with new CDs this year. Rumor also has it that Green Day may be coming out with a new album, who are also in my top 10 of favorite artists.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Windy City

This last weekend I took a break from college life and went to Chicago with my family for the weekend. At first this may seem like an exciting adventure, but to me it really isn't. I live in a Northwest Suburb of Chicago so I can go to Chicago pretty much whenever I like, so it ruins its special appeal that it may have for most of my readers. But that's alright because this time I was going with some of my family that I hadn't seen in a long time.

My cousins picked me up from Purdue on last Saturday and we traveled together to Chicago. Upon arriving at our hotel in Chicago, I immediately turned on the Michigan vs. Purdue game, and to see how I felt about that, feel free to read my last post!

That afternoon we went to see the show SPAMALOT which is a very, very funny play. It is based on the classic film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is by far one of my favorite movies. The play is very random and humorous as well, it is a parody of the times of King Arthur and his round table. They make suggestions about how possibly maybe some of the knights of the round table weren't actually as noble as they are suggested to be. One of my favorite moments of the play is when the french guard taunts King Arthur when he is attempting to enter the castle because he is the "King of England". The french guard has many revolting sayings that he says back to him such as "I fart in your general direction". Definitly my favorite part of the play.

Moving on, that evening we all went to the performance of "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" by the neo-futurists. It is the longest running show in Chicago, and is an outlet for Graduate theater majors attempting to "get back at the world". I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and it reminded me of how free-spirited some people can be. I don't know why but I feel like that at Purdue there isn't very many free spirited people.

The idea behind TMLMBGB is that the cast does 30 plays in 60 minutes. They are all written and directed by the cast. I really enjoyed the show. There were some acts that were humorous and some that we're very serious. One of the humorous ones were with these two girls and they were playing twister, and "Single Ladies" by Beyonce was playing in the background. They discussed about how their life as single ladies is the best thing ever, I'm not sure if they were being sarcastic or not, and then at the end one of the male actors came out of the crowd with his hand up and he said "I did put a fucking ring on it". It was hillarious because in the song Beyonce says "If you like it then you should've put a ring on it", many times.

The following afternoon my whole family and I went to Navy Pier. At Navy Pier they have an IMAX theater, and many different entertainment options. They also have Bubba Gump which is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. We went to the IMAX theater and saw The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience. The best film of 2008, in my opinion, is amazing in the IMAX theaters, and I suggest that anyone who is a fan of the movie to see it in IMAX, it is a whole different, enchanced experience. After watching the three hour film we were all feeling pretty hungry, so we enjoyed Bubba Gump. Delicousness, to say the least.

It was my cousins and Aunts first time at Navy Pier, so we walked around alot and saw all of the other amusements that are availible to enjoy. Navy Pier is much more enjoyable in the summer though, because out on the pier are a few different amusement options ranging from a ferris wheel to small mineature rollar coasters.

This week am I lieing about: SPAMALOT, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, or Navy Pier?

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Muck Fichigan..

Congratulations to Claripet, for having the correct answer to last week's blog post that I didn't slip. But, it was true that I met Robbie Hummel and that I have a new found addiction to World of Warcraft.

On a side note, I don't know if any of you watched the Michigan vs. Purdue basketball matchup on saturday afternoon. I was able to catch some of it and to say the least I was livid. Michigan's leading scorer Manny Harris recieved a pass from a fellow Wolverine and noticed he was being closely guarded by reigning Big Ten Conference Defensive player of the year, Chris Kramer. Harris then lifted his elbows after recieving the ball and deliberatley turned his left elbow straight into Kramer's face.

Immediatley Kramer fell to the ground, according to an ESPN article, Kramer stated that he had lost conciousness for a short amount of time, to wake up with his face in a pool of blood. Team trainers believe that Kramer broke his nose, but he did return with about 15 minutes left in the second half with a face mask on.

I found a quote from the Detroit Free Press where Manny Harris stated, "I'm sorry his face got in the way." To me that doesn't seem like a very sincere apology.

One of the worst things about this recent violence by Manny Harris is that it is the second time in one week a Michigan player has acted violently towards another player. In the Ohio State game on January 28th, Michigan Guard Zach Novak elbowed an Ohio State player in the face. Seems as though it's the trend for this team, which is sad just because you've gone from a good team to become the bottom-feeders of the Big Ten there is still no place for those actions in basketball.