Monday, February 16, 2009

Winner by Default

Unfortunately no one properly guessed last week's lie. There was one guess, Zebra Lady guessed that I was lying about the adult store. Actually that was a true story! The actual lie was the corvette story. My dad didn't buy himself a new car. I wish he had that would be sweet!

I'm glad to hear positive feedback about the new insertion of Horizontal Breaks. I'll keep doing that to make the reading of my blog much easier.

So just a quick score check, Zebra Lady gets the point of the week for her valiant effort. Clairpet:2, Zebra Lady:1, and everyone else:0. Good luck everybody on this week's edition! I'll try my best to post it as early as possible!

Today is the first day of Spring Training for majority of Major League Baseball teams. Of course my pre-season favorite is the Cubs. Over the offseason the Cubs added Milton Bradley, and removed some of the unnecessary players in my opinion, such as Jason Marquis who was by far one of my least favorite Cubs players.

By far my favorite Cubs player is Alfonso Soriano, he is the only player to ever have 40 home runs, 40 doubles, and 40 stolen bases in a Major League season. He is also the only player on the 40-40 club to have not been accused of using steroids. The 40-40 club is players who have hit 40 home runs and have stolen 40 bases in one season.

His company in the 40-40 club is Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez. Canseco wrote a book on how often he did steroids, and with that book he also brought down many of his fellow steroid users. Barry Bonds is the king of steroids and Alex Rodriguez has recently been accused of using steriods and openly admitted to the use. I just hope and pray that Alfonso Soriano hasn't been taking steroids. That would make me very dissappointed he is by far my favorite player in the game.

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