Monday, February 2, 2009

Muck Fichigan..

Congratulations to Claripet, for having the correct answer to last week's blog post that I didn't slip. But, it was true that I met Robbie Hummel and that I have a new found addiction to World of Warcraft.

On a side note, I don't know if any of you watched the Michigan vs. Purdue basketball matchup on saturday afternoon. I was able to catch some of it and to say the least I was livid. Michigan's leading scorer Manny Harris recieved a pass from a fellow Wolverine and noticed he was being closely guarded by reigning Big Ten Conference Defensive player of the year, Chris Kramer. Harris then lifted his elbows after recieving the ball and deliberatley turned his left elbow straight into Kramer's face.

Immediatley Kramer fell to the ground, according to an ESPN article, Kramer stated that he had lost conciousness for a short amount of time, to wake up with his face in a pool of blood. Team trainers believe that Kramer broke his nose, but he did return with about 15 minutes left in the second half with a face mask on.

I found a quote from the Detroit Free Press where Manny Harris stated, "I'm sorry his face got in the way." To me that doesn't seem like a very sincere apology.

One of the worst things about this recent violence by Manny Harris is that it is the second time in one week a Michigan player has acted violently towards another player. In the Ohio State game on January 28th, Michigan Guard Zach Novak elbowed an Ohio State player in the face. Seems as though it's the trend for this team, which is sad just because you've gone from a good team to become the bottom-feeders of the Big Ten there is still no place for those actions in basketball.

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