Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Week From Hell


Due to unfortunate circumstances my blog post this week may not be up to par. My comma button broke last night.


Your writer.

This week has been absolutely miserable and it is only Tuesday. Yesterday for lunch I ate at my favorite location (comma) Windsor Dining Court. They happened to be serving my favorite meal in the dining courts spicy crispy chicken breast. To say the least they are absolutely delicious.

About a half hour after eating the spicy chicken breast I started to feel ill. My stomach felt terrible and I kept feeling like I had to vomit. The worse thing about feeling like you have to vomit is not vomiting. Always after I vomit my stomach feels alot better. But yesterday for some reason my body just wouldn't give it up. This led to an intensely angry me no one wants to be walking to the bathroom every ten minutes because they think they may vomit.

Good news is that I made it through just fine and after sleeping for twelve hours last night I'm feeling alot better.

Bad news is that this week I have three exams and my stomach issues detached me from my attention span to studying. I have exams in Computer Science(comma) Statistics(comma) and History of East Asia. I think the first two will be fine but the History of East Asia one might be quite difficult.

History has always been far from the easiest subject for me. I have problems motivating myself to learn about something that I will probably never have to know again in my life. Being an accounting major I really doubt I'll ever have to know the major events that occured in Japan(comma) Korea and China.

I really enjoy my Computer Science class for the review session my professor brought in brownies and if you got the question right he would throw you a brownie. It's a really good creative idea that made reviewing quite fun.

My statistics class isn't that bad either. Some people might be looking at this blog and be wondering why I would say a math class at Purdue University "isn't that bad". I'm lucky for some reason math comes really easy to me. Henceforth why I'm a Accounting major!

One of my favorite movies by far is South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. After I finish studying I'm definitly going to sit down and enjoy the film. It's hillarious. I know that there are some people out there who despise South Park mostly for its crude humor and vulgarness. I think those people need to notice the upside of South Park.

South Park offers great lessons and morals behind what may seem to be crude(comma) childish humor. Let's take for example The South Park Movie. Some may seem this as a foolish attempt to poke at Canada(comma) the story line being about Terrance and Phillip two Canadian film makers who make a terrible vulgar film that children all across America watch. Many parents believe that the films have corrupted their children. In response the parents go after the Canadian film makers and hold them as hostages. They then threaten to execute the Canadians and go to war with Canada.

Suprisingly(comma) it is quite an interesting plot line. When all of these parents are creating groups and going against the Canadians that the children are at home being neglected. The moral is aimed more towards adults. It states that maybe instead of being worried about who created the vulgarities in the youth that maybe they should be more loving and concerned about the youth. Instead of chasing after the cause they should be more concerned and observant of their children and their behavior.

Nonetheless it is an epic film. I suggest that anyone who can stomach a little bit of vulger humor to watch it. WARNING: It is Rated R.

So this week was I lying about: Spicy Crispy Chicken Breast(comma) three exams (comma) South Park.

My apologizes about the comma button mishap I will try to have it fixed by next week.

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  1. Having a bad week??? Think of the bright side, at least one of the things is a lie.

    I think that we all agree that Soutpark is the funniest show and it actually does have morals. When you think about, you can really find a moral lesson in everything. The guys on southpark just screw up so that we don’t. Southpark is a truth.

    Chicken sandwiches are gross…I think that that’s a truth.

    You started off saying that the week was bad, but only mentioned 1 bad thing. So I would guess that you actually hate those classes you mentioned….I think those are the lies.

  2. That is an awful start to the week. Has it gotten any better? I surely hope so!

    I agree with you and Guy in the fact that South Park isn't as bad as people say it is...ok yes it is. But it is not pointless!
    And seeing as that movie is so awesome I would think it is a good study break. Therefore a truth.

    Although the dining court food is good, it is still school food. So it getting you sick is overly possible. Also a truth.

    That leaves me with you having three exams this week. I really just have this by default.
    Perhaps you don't take all those classes, or perhaps you only have two exams this week...or maybe four. I don't know. But I still think, three exams is a lie.

    If I'm wrong (wouldn't be a shocker) Good luck on them all!

  3. Well, from what I hear about the dining courts here at Purdue, it is a plausible story that you might possibly have gotten food poisoning from eating the spicy chicken. I'll say that one is true. I've honestly never seen an episode of South Park, let alone any movie involving South park, so I don't know if that's true or not. So, like everyone else, I'm going to assume that you're lying about having three exams. I do agree with you though when you say that history classes are not very easy. This semester I decided to take Medieval History for my history class thinking that it wouldn't be too hard. It's my hardest class this semester, and I never look forward to it.