Friday, April 10, 2009


I just recently returned back to my dorm room with a large glad ware container full of monster cookies. They are quite possibly the most delectable cookie ever created. They contain peanut butter, M&Ms, oatmeal, and chocolate chips.

Some may believe that these wouldn't be very good tasting but they indeed are. The complimentary peanut butter and chocolate can get overwhelmingly sweet at times, but the nice thing is that the oatmeal cancels out that over sweetness and creates an amazing dessert item.

At one point I inspired to be a food critic in the future because I feel as though I have the tongue and the adjectives for such a career, unfortunately my love for mathematics swayed me into being an accountant instead.

Upcoming this weekend is Easter!! I would have to say that Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays. My parents are coming to pick me up quite soon, and I'm excited to go home it feels like it's been a really long time since I've been there.

My parents and other family members always made Easter such an enjoyable holiday. When I was in my youth we always would have a gigantic Easter egg hunt in my grandma's house and there were always creative things that you would find. Even though we are all around the ages of 18-22 we still participate in this tradition.

Maybe that just goes to show that some traditions are so much fun they should never be let go no matter what your age.

While there is many traditions that my family has with Easter I'm also really excited to go and see my two older brothers who I don't get to see very often. They are my best friends, and have been there with me for all my life. I'm kinda sad though because my oldest brother is graduating from college soon, so he'll be out of the house and on his own.

My friend has been having alot of problems with one of his professors recently. He said that earlier in the year his professor had been being really nice and awesome, but that now he's just being mean. The professor said that if he saw a student with their phone out or talking while they were that they would immediately have removed 20% of their grade. Not only do I feel like this was unfair but the professor was also going to not even tell the student if he was removing 20% of their grade.

In my opinion that is an unfair call by the professor. If they are going to punish a student for having a phone out during class they need to be up front and open about when they do it because otherwise I believe that that isn't very fair treatment at all.

It is somewhat reminiscent of high school, in which they would take away your cell phones if they saw them and all that other stuff. I understand why they did that back in high school but I don't understand why they would do it now. If it's a distraction to class I think most definitly a teacher should say so but otherwise they should just let it be.

Was I lying about: Monster Cookie, Easter, or professors?

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  1. Yes, I'm back. Major apologies for my brain space, I don't know what happened >.< cookies are amazing, so I really hope you aren't lying about that. I would feel sad for you.

    I can't really find anything wrong with the Easter story...even the egg hunt...maybe some of the older kids don't do it...but I think it is plausible that you all still do, especially if you don't have the little kids running around. Why not??

    I'm going to choose the professor as the lie. Although I have heard crazy stories like this, this one is just a little too extreme. I hope this is the lie, otherwise that guy needs a swift kick...why be so mean? Yea, talking should be stopped...but if the kid wants to txt or play be's their need to damage it further!