Friday, April 3, 2009

Working Out my Frustrations With Women

After my 7:30 class this morning I decided to go to the recreational sports center to work out. It had been a little while since I had been at the RSC. I forgot how much I dislike it, when I went there this morning it was absolutely crowded. If Purdue was really motivated to keep the campus healthy they would have fixed what I have heard has been a problem for a long time.

According to an article in The Exponent, I'm not the only one who thinks this, 84% of Purdue students who use the facility believe that it is too overcrowded. On top of this, we are the only school in the Big Ten who only has one facility for recreational sports. I recently visited the University of Illinois to visit my brother, who is a manager at their intramural sports building and we were discussing it. He agrees that our facilities are majorly under par. The University of Illinois has three buildings on campus dedicated to maintaining the fitness of their students.

I just don't understand with the copious amount of money that some of us are spending on tuition why we can't have a nice, good space to maintain a healthy life style.

As long as I have known my mother, she has always been a very bossy person. During my youth my two older brothers and I constantly did chores around the house hold. She was absolutely insane about it as we were growing up too. We were her mules and work labor force.

Often during our free time we would be asked to do the most obscure things, and my mother still tries to ask. But as I've grown and gotten use to the routine I usually attempt to rationalize with her. We live on a one acre yard in which she insists must be ridden of all sticks, even the extremely small minuscule twigs. Why she does this I do not know, she says it's because she needs all of them picked up to mow the lawn. This is a lie. Majority of sticks that are small can be easily ran over with a riding lawn mower. Even some medium size sticks can be too.

I often believe that this is the way of her desperate attempts to exercise control over her three college age boys. Sometimes, parents just need to notice that their children will be soon to grow up and be on their own. All I want is some independence and not to be told to do ridiculous chores. I can understand doing small things but doing all day things for majority of the week is a ridiculous request.

What is even more ridiculous is that over spring break, 24 hours after I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed she requested that I help her with cleaning the garage. Normally, this wouldn't be too daunting of a task but due to my general nauseous-ness and pain I really didn't want to do it. But to be respectful to my mother I did anyways. I mentioned to her that I was getting dizzy, and her reply was that we were almost done. That's how ridiculous she is.

Although some parents think working their children around the house is a good idea I believe I have suffered mental setbacks due to it. I'm currently in a relationship and have been for the last two years. My girlfriend has a somewhat similar personality to my mother and often requests to have things her way, and they must be her way.

As you can imagine having the two stubborn people ripping me both ways has most definitely taken a toll on me. Often during high school I would have to argue with my girlfriend, or my mom, and sometimes both to make sure that I wouldn't be placing myself in a bad position.

Some people call it whipped, but I like to think of it as a form of dedication to my girlfriend that I give her what she wants when it isn't against my parents rules. Sometimes I think about it and wonder if quite possibly I don't give much of a rebuttal back to her due to how bossed around I was earlier in life.

Was I lying about: working out, my mother, or relationship?

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