Monday, April 20, 2009

The Burden of a Cubs Fan

Many of my friends are Cubs fans, this may be a good thing considering that my unwavering fandom has resulted in hostility to other baseball team's fans in the past it's a good thing. But over the last week I've noticed that one of my friend's loyalty to the Cubbies is quite clearly not as loyal as my own.

It all began last week at Wiley dining hall, when he mentioned that he believed that due to the Cubs failure in the past 100 years to win the World Series that Wrigley Field should be destroyed, and the whole team should be rebuilt. Immediately I got on his case about this comment, possibly too forward about the situation I began by asking how he can consider himself a fan of something he just stated he believed should be burned down.

"I'm from Chicago I have to be a Cubs fan"-him.
"Last time I checked Chicago has two major baseball teams"-Me
"I'm just saying they've been such a failure recently"-him
"You don't consider winning divisional titles and making it into the playoffs a success"-Me


I've out done him. Suddenly the battle is within my hands so I go for the kill shot:

"No real Cubs fan would ever say to burn down Wrigley Field and get rid of all the current Cubs players. Stop being an idiot."

Good game fool, don't mess with me about the Cubs.

It's times like those that make me believe that I should possibly be a politician, my debating skills are top notch especially topics in which I'm well educated upon. Unfortunately, in the opinion of myself and many others most top notch politicians seem to graduate from Yale, Harvard, and other insanely elite Universities. Also somehow politicians find a way to make a ridiculous amount of money to campaign, mostly from a political party. Considering all the above my hopes and dreams to become a politician will have to wait until a future life.

As my enraging about my friend is beginning to clear from my head some, I begin to think about how it's amazing that summer is just over the horizon. We are officially three weeks away from being done with school. This will be the last real week of school considering next week is dead week and the following week is finals.

Summer is an exciting time for me, given that I do believe it's most likely an exciting time for most reading this due to the break from academics. There's not much like a three month break from having to do excessive work of the brain. To say the least, I'm excited for it.


Luckily before I posted this I noticed that someone ninjaed in a comment so now I have something to reply to! Unfortunately Sally Sue was incorrect in her guess. I was actually lying about my birthday! Actually, it is in may. It is quite unfortunate that my girlfriend can't love my addiction to video games. Yeah and that's not cool that they have people check up on you to make sure that you're at class! But I guess it's understandable especially if you have a scholarship, because you're Purdue's investment then! Nice try though, thanks for commenting!

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