Friday, April 17, 2009

A Birthday Gone Missing

Wow have I had a crazy day already. This morning I failed to wake up, which is quite unusual for me. Unfortunately I missed my statistics class, which is troubling due to the fact that I had a mini-quiz today like I do on every Friday.

It's not very often that I miss class though so I'm working on rationalizing the whole situation with myself still. The whole cognitive dissonance thing working against me, for those who have ever done a psychology class. Being a hard working, studious student it's difficult to come to the terms that I didn't wake up to my alarm beeping at me a ton.

At the same time, it was somewhat my own fault. During this last week new content has came into World of Warcraft, and due to my subtle addiction to the game I have been playing it a ton. I've been doing great in the game and have improved alot. The addiction wouldn't be so infectious if I didn't have friends who pay it.

Many of my friends, and my older brother play WoW (World of Warcraft), due to this the game becomes very social and contagious. My girlfriend doesn't really like the fact that I play so much because it takes away from my time with her. I'm the kind of person though that if they really want to do something they'll just do it anyways because I'm independent. I guess it causes her quite a bit of frustrations.

Although it frustrates my girlfriend there is a surprisingly large amount of females who play and enjoy World of Warcraft. Most of them are girlfriends of guys who are addicted or just girls who like video games. That's pretty cool though that Blizzard was able to make a video game that outreached to all kinds of people!

This Wednesday was my birthday! It was actually a pretty fun day even though I didn't do very much. I just kinda was a big bum and took the day off of studying which was nice. It was pretty awesome though because I got to go to my BGR training wooo! (slight sarcasm) I'm excited though because my older brother is coming down to visit me for the weekend.

My brother and I are going to have a good time this weekend though, he is also bringing down some of his friends and I bet it will be a really good weekend so I'm excited!

Was I lying about: wake up, World of Warcraft, or birthday?

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  1. Well, I am going to have to guess and say you are lying about the World of Warcraft. Just because I feel that if your girlfriend didn't like you playing those games, she would straight up tell you it takes away from your time with her. But I could be wrong...and when it comes to the waking up late for class I can totally relate with ya on that!

    I know that sometimes the coaches and athletic department will hire a classroom checker, which is someone in my class that they pay to make sure I am in every class. If you don't go to class and there happens to be a checker, you will have a 6am workout! So going to class is very important for me!Luckly there is not 6am workout for you although missing a quiz prob isn't too good.

    And if it was your birthday last week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!