Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Days

*Sigh* As my wet feet dry and I sit here in class recollecting about my weekend trying to come up with something to write about I notice that I hate rain. Nothing is more depressing then walking out of your dorm room almost a mile from campus and knowing that you will have to trek in miserable weather to your classes. Today I looked up the weather to find that for the next couple days will be soggy.

Hopefully it isn't too rainy back near my hometown, in Chicago. There is a Cubs game on at 1:20 P.M. and watching that would make today a much brighter sun shining day. The Cubs have been getting off to quiet a good season so far with a 4-2 record. Yesterday’s game versus the Milwaukee Brewers was quite an exciting one. One of the relief pitchers loaded the bases and Milwaukee's stud first baseman Prince Fielder came up to bat. The score at this point in the game was 6-2 and with a grand slam the game would be tied.

Fielder ripped the third pitch he saw to the right field; as soon as the ball left his bat I knew it was gone, out of the park, for the grand salami. But then out of nowhere right fielder Reed Johnson ran up and jumped up the wall to steal Fielder of the grand slam. It was an amazing defensive play by Reed Johnson.

I’m excited though because the game today is the Cubs home opener and there’s nothing like watching a game at Wrigley Field. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago may have instilled this love of Wrigley Field on me but nonetheless I believe Wrigley is one of the classic pieces of architecture in Chicago.

One of my friends here at Purdue is also a Cubs fan but he doesn’t love Wrigley like I do. He always comments about how he believes the White Sox’s U.S. Cellular Field is better than Wrigley. Although I respect his viewpoint I think he’s an absolute idiot; another one of my friends who is a Cubs fan was with him when he made this comment, and we jumped on his back about it right away. In my opinion, saying that Wrigley is a “shit hole” as he described it is pretty much saying you don’t like the Cubs. The two are a packaged deal, when you think of the Cubs Wrigley Field also instantly comes to mind!

Well I hope you are all enjoying this rainy day and I’ll get back to you in my next blog post!

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