Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring TIME!!!

As majority of my fellow students are preparing for some sort of epic adventure for their spring break, I am preparing myself to get my wisdom teeth removed. After a visit to my dentist about a half year ago I have been aware that I was going to be in this situation. The worse part about it is that I'm suppose to be relaxing, and spending time with my friends over spring break but instead will be sitting around recovering for a couple days.

I'm excited though to get them out, one less thing on my mind! Although with the removal of them it my also bring some bad things as well. My orthodontist feels as though I may need some braces. Earlier in my life I was told I never would need braces, and it seems as though the age of 19 having braces would just be weird!

This weekend the Big Ten Tournament is also going on. So it won't be so bad that I'm stuck to just sitting around the house for a little while. My Mother she has a problem that I have diagnosed as channel switchingitise. She constantly during commercials find a need to change the channel to avoid them. I forewarned her last night that there would be none of that going on! Usually I give her a fair warning when I think she had channeled switched for too long, with limited use of my mouth this may be a difficult task!

Man oh man, I must have cursed this weather because it does not feel good out there right now. I don't know if whether it is because I got so use to the warmer weather so now it just feels really cold, or if it is actually just really cold!

Last night I got really sick, I don't know why but ever since I've come to college the amount of times that I have gotten sick has increased exponentially. At the beginning of the year I suffered from a rip in my intestine, and as you may know from earlier in this series of blog posts I was sick before as well.

During high school I never got sick, I only missed school once which was for a surgical operation upon my shoulder. I wonder if it is because I'm in a closer proximity due to the dormitory setting, or if it is because I have more stress. I heard that the more stress you have in life the more likely you are to be sick. Let me know whether you all believe that I'm getting sick due to proximity of others or because of stress!

One thing that I haven't done in quite a long time is played Board Games. By far one of my favorite board games is Scrabble! Scrabble's the best combination of a logical thinking game mixed with fun. Just because you can make funny words and you have to think about large combinations with the letters.

Am I lying about: Wisdom Teeth, Sick, or Board Games.

Currently watching: "The Ungroundable"- South Park Episode

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