Friday, March 27, 2009

BOILER UP! (chuu chuuu)

Last night the Purdue Boilermakers had an upsetting loss to the University of Connecticut. In my opinion, Purdue played a great game and had many opportunities for the game to go their way but the ball just wouldn't get into the basket! It was a tough game to watch, but they had a great season, congratulations to them!

Earlier today in my Statistics class my TA was really bashing Purdue's professors and it made me get into a deep mode of thought. There are definitely some professors here at Purdue that could use some help.

This semester in one of my classes I have a professor who gets the PowerPoints from the book's study guides. They are the exact same, but the problem is that she just reads straight from the PowerPoint and doesn't add any of her own touch to it or anything. Due to how she teaches it makes it extremely easy to not go to class and learn more. It's sad when you can say that the time that you could spend in class would be better spent outside of class teaching yourself.

I'm not bashing professors at Purdue, I'm just saying that some definitely need improvement. At the same time, I have had numerous good experiences with Purdue professors as well. I had a calculus professor who held office hours on the weekend because it was the time that worked best for all of us. Also, I have had some of the best teachers of my whole life. You would think that if Purdue really wanted to become a great school instead of just a good school, they would invest more in getting good professors than getting good researchers.

Boiler Gold Rush is the freshman orientation program at Purdue. I happen to be a member of it and think that the philosophy that the group brings into welcoming new students onto campus is fun, and amazing.

I’m glad that I get to be part of such an energized team. I spoke to some of my friends about it and none of us ever had a bad time at BGR. It all just matters on how much effort you are willing to go and put out there to get to meet new people.

Excited is an understatement of my feelings on the matter. I’m looking forward to being able to shape the minds of new students and help them with their transition into college. Recalling back when I was first coming to Purdue, I was scared, quite scared. From my graduating class there was only me and one other person who came to Purdue. So upon arrival I was relatively lonely.

Originally my older brother was going to be at Purdue also because he went here previously which was one of my reasons I was coming to Purdue. Not only is he my older brother but he is also my best friend. But then due to unforeseen circumstances he didn’t attend Purdue, so during the first week I was lonelier than I thought I would be.

I am fortunate though that I’m an outgoing person, I just left my door open the whole first week and was playing video games one day and a bunch of people walked in and we all played together! Looking back upon it I’m glad that people are much more diverse in college, I found that in high school not many people had similar interests as me. But now at college they definitely do.

For my roommate situation I got really lucky as well, I have heard many horror stories about people and their roommate. My roommate and I have the perfect balance of being friends, but at the same time not spending too much time together.

Has anyone ever gone to a baseball game at Purdue? Just curious thinking maybe I'll go to one.

Which was a lie: Purdue’s Professors, Boiler Gold Rush, My Roommate, or none of the above?


  1. I hope the part about boring professors is a lie. I can give you the inside scoop on this sometime if you want.

  2. Hmm this is a hard one... I don't know which one is a lie, but I am going to guess the roomate one. Mostly because you wrote the least about it and that would be a twist to what you wrote about above it. I hope this is not the case, but that is my guess..

  3. I think the roomate one is the lie. Anyways, I was really disappointed with the Purdue and UConn game. Purdue was so close at times with a three-point gap! I had a bet going with a couple of my friends that UConn would win but within a six-point gap...which really didn't happen. So I lost about ten dollars off of that. But whatever!