Monday, March 30, 2009

finals....yeah finals.

I'm slightly ashamed with some of my commentators, who bets against their own school!?!? I'm just giving you a hard time. But really, have some boiler pride! In my opinion if some of those extremely close shots actually fell through the basket it would have been good game, Boiler win.
My TA was actually bashing professors, and I am a member of the Boiler Gold Rush team!

Which leaves the only lie to be about my roommate. My roommate isn't terrible but we have minor clashes here and there. Does anyone have any terrible roommate stories? I always enjoy those. I've heard alot of bad vomit stories, one of my friends had a roommate who came home from a party late at night vomited all over my friend's rug... glad my roommate doesn't do that at least!

That makes the score of our truth guessing at: Clairpet:4, kah:2, Zebra Lady:1, Guy McGee:1, Foozboba:2, Play Vivace:1, and bella:1
Nice work! Possibly I'll make an end of the year prize, possibly we'll see. I just noticed that when I redesigned my blog I somehow managed to find a way to drop the color of my hyperlinks to the same color as my text. Sorry about that, I changed them back so they are now more noticeable.

I'm starting to get nervous about my grades for this semester. I had the same thing happen last semester just because after the second tests have gone by I know that all we have left is finals. During high school finals for me were always an epic failure. Looking back upon it I don't believe I ever took a final and actually had it improve my grade.
Inciting fear within me, finals are just a way to make sure that students have mastered the art of cramming. Most normal mortal people forget the things they were taught a half year ago if they haven't applied them to anything. Which is why I usually like to start early because I feel like I'm relearning most of a course in the duration of one month! Oh well I bet it will all work out just fine!

Friday, March 27, 2009

BOILER UP! (chuu chuuu)

Last night the Purdue Boilermakers had an upsetting loss to the University of Connecticut. In my opinion, Purdue played a great game and had many opportunities for the game to go their way but the ball just wouldn't get into the basket! It was a tough game to watch, but they had a great season, congratulations to them!

Earlier today in my Statistics class my TA was really bashing Purdue's professors and it made me get into a deep mode of thought. There are definitely some professors here at Purdue that could use some help.

This semester in one of my classes I have a professor who gets the PowerPoints from the book's study guides. They are the exact same, but the problem is that she just reads straight from the PowerPoint and doesn't add any of her own touch to it or anything. Due to how she teaches it makes it extremely easy to not go to class and learn more. It's sad when you can say that the time that you could spend in class would be better spent outside of class teaching yourself.

I'm not bashing professors at Purdue, I'm just saying that some definitely need improvement. At the same time, I have had numerous good experiences with Purdue professors as well. I had a calculus professor who held office hours on the weekend because it was the time that worked best for all of us. Also, I have had some of the best teachers of my whole life. You would think that if Purdue really wanted to become a great school instead of just a good school, they would invest more in getting good professors than getting good researchers.

Boiler Gold Rush is the freshman orientation program at Purdue. I happen to be a member of it and think that the philosophy that the group brings into welcoming new students onto campus is fun, and amazing.

I’m glad that I get to be part of such an energized team. I spoke to some of my friends about it and none of us ever had a bad time at BGR. It all just matters on how much effort you are willing to go and put out there to get to meet new people.

Excited is an understatement of my feelings on the matter. I’m looking forward to being able to shape the minds of new students and help them with their transition into college. Recalling back when I was first coming to Purdue, I was scared, quite scared. From my graduating class there was only me and one other person who came to Purdue. So upon arrival I was relatively lonely.

Originally my older brother was going to be at Purdue also because he went here previously which was one of my reasons I was coming to Purdue. Not only is he my older brother but he is also my best friend. But then due to unforeseen circumstances he didn’t attend Purdue, so during the first week I was lonelier than I thought I would be.

I am fortunate though that I’m an outgoing person, I just left my door open the whole first week and was playing video games one day and a bunch of people walked in and we all played together! Looking back upon it I’m glad that people are much more diverse in college, I found that in high school not many people had similar interests as me. But now at college they definitely do.

For my roommate situation I got really lucky as well, I have heard many horror stories about people and their roommate. My roommate and I have the perfect balance of being friends, but at the same time not spending too much time together.

Has anyone ever gone to a baseball game at Purdue? Just curious thinking maybe I'll go to one.

Which was a lie: Purdue’s Professors, Boiler Gold Rush, My Roommate, or none of the above?

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Now that we're back from Spring Break, I'm starting to notice how difficult it is to get back into the swing of going to class and being at college. I got back early Sunday in an attempt to get some of my homework done (including this blog post), to say the least it was an epic failure. For some obscure reason I'm getting very distracted by everything. I just can't motivate myself to do work now that I've had a taste of relaxing and not doing anything!

Our Boilermakers have made it to the sweet 16! They have been showcasing fantastic teamwork, and development throughout the NCAA tournament.

My family and I have an intense competition during the NCAA basketball season. Due to the fact that we are all fans of college hoops, we have a bracket competition on our refrigerator. The winner goes to the top of the fridge and the rest go downwards from there by points. After the first round I was on the top of the fridge. I was excited because usually it's a pretty rare occurrence for me to be on the top of the fridge. For some reason, I'm lacking the skills to pick what team is going to win a certain game. That's alright maybe this year will be the year I win the competition!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring TIME!!!

As majority of my fellow students are preparing for some sort of epic adventure for their spring break, I am preparing myself to get my wisdom teeth removed. After a visit to my dentist about a half year ago I have been aware that I was going to be in this situation. The worse part about it is that I'm suppose to be relaxing, and spending time with my friends over spring break but instead will be sitting around recovering for a couple days.

I'm excited though to get them out, one less thing on my mind! Although with the removal of them it my also bring some bad things as well. My orthodontist feels as though I may need some braces. Earlier in my life I was told I never would need braces, and it seems as though the age of 19 having braces would just be weird!

This weekend the Big Ten Tournament is also going on. So it won't be so bad that I'm stuck to just sitting around the house for a little while. My Mother she has a problem that I have diagnosed as channel switchingitise. She constantly during commercials find a need to change the channel to avoid them. I forewarned her last night that there would be none of that going on! Usually I give her a fair warning when I think she had channeled switched for too long, with limited use of my mouth this may be a difficult task!

Man oh man, I must have cursed this weather because it does not feel good out there right now. I don't know if whether it is because I got so use to the warmer weather so now it just feels really cold, or if it is actually just really cold!

Last night I got really sick, I don't know why but ever since I've come to college the amount of times that I have gotten sick has increased exponentially. At the beginning of the year I suffered from a rip in my intestine, and as you may know from earlier in this series of blog posts I was sick before as well.

During high school I never got sick, I only missed school once which was for a surgical operation upon my shoulder. I wonder if it is because I'm in a closer proximity due to the dormitory setting, or if it is because I have more stress. I heard that the more stress you have in life the more likely you are to be sick. Let me know whether you all believe that I'm getting sick due to proximity of others or because of stress!

One thing that I haven't done in quite a long time is played Board Games. By far one of my favorite board games is Scrabble! Scrabble's the best combination of a logical thinking game mixed with fun. Just because you can make funny words and you have to think about large combinations with the letters.

Am I lying about: Wisdom Teeth, Sick, or Board Games.

Currently watching: "The Ungroundable"- South Park Episode

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good, Good Morning!

Hey hey hey everybody!

I've had this epiphany recently about myself: I'm a morning person. I noticed this because all of my fellow college students seem to be groggy in the morning. I love the mornings especially when it gets to the time of the year where it is above 30 degrees out! Just the mornings though I can't stand when it's too hot out. The weather this week has been outrageously good I love it.

My friend and I had discussed it and we observed that because the winter was so harsh, we celebrate for days that are 35 degrees. For example the other day, the weather was phenomenal it got up to the 60's and I whipped out the shorts. Great Day.

Moving on, this actually does have to do with my previous blog post the thing I was lying about was the really hot weather. I'll just go ahead and be blunt about it, I have a sweating problem. When it gets too hot out I just start sweating like crazy!

I do actually believe that Windsor is the best dining court on campus, and there really was a girl playing World of Warcraft in my history class!

To give you all the score update: Clairpet:4, kah:2, Zebra Lady:1, Guy McGee:1, Foozboba:1, and bella:1.

Keep up the good work everybody! You can do anything you set your minds to. Way to be observant!...(insert more optimistic positive reinforcement here).

I noticed that I don't really respond to comments very often so I decided that this week I would make my first post of the week dedicated to your comments from last week. I really appreciate the comments! I'm also glad to hear that everyone is enjoying my blog and that my methods keep it fun and entertaining, I'll do my best to keep it up!

I wanted you guys to know that if you have any ideas as to what I could do to improve my writing or my blog to feel free to let me know! I take criticism well. Also, I'm currently doing a blog re-design if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This week's post has an objective: to get the largest percent of success possible, we'll see how it works.

I just got back from lunch, I had macaroni & cheese from Windsor dining court. It was delicious, as some of you may recall in previous posts I had a bad experience with Purdue's dining courts. That specific incident happened at Windsor dining court and today was the first time I had gone there since the incident.

It was good to be reminded of the reasons of why I liked Windsor to begin with. In my opinion, Windsor is the best dining court on campus. They offer great variety and I especially enjoy the ethnic food that is served there.

The environment at Windsor is also superior to other dining courts. The dining court is full of neutral tones mixed with beautiful wood. As shown on the right, you can see the granite counter tops which are also a great part of Windsor. (T)

I had a very strange incident occur in my History of East Asia class. One of my good friends and I sit together in the class and we are both World of Warcrafters. He is always late to class, and is very disrespectful to the teacher by talking while she is. I think that's one of my major pet peeves of being in college; when you're in a gigantic lecture hall everyone can hear what you're saying so it really bothers me when people are talking during a lecture.

I don't see why people need to talk during a lecture; I mean you're in a lecture for a reason. That is to learn the material of the course not to socialize! I want to just tell my friend that I'm not paying about thirty six thousand dollars a year to socialize.

While we're on the topic of distractions during class on last Tuesday while in this class I observed that a young lady was playing World of Warcraft. I don't get why someone would do that to themselves. Going back to the point I just had about tuition, there's no reason in class to play video games for that much money.

My friend and I were amazed that someone was playing World of Warcraft in class, and yet again that it was a female who was playing it. There just aren't very many females who play the game, I know there are some out there but not that much! (T)

Finally, in case you guys didn't know yet the weather is supposedly getting alot better soon. I'm excited for it, I really like hot weather. I don't know why there's just something about it that I really like. I think it's the feeling that summer is coming, and with summer comes not having class and school and any real responsibility to do things.

During the summer I usually work at a pool in my local community, but this summer I have plans to hopefully do something much more exciting! During next week's post I will let you all know what that plan is! I'm really excited to tell you all, so you should all be excited to listen. (F)

Just as a tip for those of you who are trying to solve which im lying about: "Be Observant"

Was I lying about: lunch, History of East Asia, or weather.

Currently Listening to: "Gift" by O.A.R. <---really good song you should all check it out!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm in a celebrating state! I have no clue but we should all be happy and joyous and such. I'm in an outrageously good mood so hopefully this will be a good write, all for your pleasure! So sit back grab some munchies and enjoy!

So last week's blog, I am once again disappointed with you my readers with an epic failure. I didn't think i made it that difficult but that's alright. I will attempt to make my blog post for this week as easy as possible. I wish you all the best of luck

Last week we had a guess from Clairpet, she believed that the answer was Mario Kart Wii. Unfortunately you were incorrect. My friends really did freak out and get all overly excited about Mario Kart. The really annoying people part was also correct, I'm glad that I'm not the only one whose experienced that!

The lie from last week was about XBox 360. My favorite gaming system is the Wii. It's awesome with the intuitive controls, and extremely fun titles. I personally think that XBox 360 has too many shooter games, it is more likely to break too. But recently my roommate told me that they fixed some of the problems that the XBox 360 was having.

The current score is: Clairpet:4, Zebra Lady:1, Guy McGee:1, and kah:1. Keep up the good work everybody!

World of Warcraft was a subject I know was mentioned upon earlier in some of your comments. I believe one of the comments was about not understanding it so I'll explain for those who are interested! World of Warcraft is the largest MMORPG in the world. It is a gigantic world where you walk around as a fantasy character and complete quests for people who are controlled by the computer.

On top of completing quests there are numerous other things to do as well. You can learn 2 professions in which you learn things from mining to making clothes for yourself and others. The main objective of the game is to make it to level 80 which is where even more fun begins. World of Warcraft has Player vs. Player action or PvP. This is where you can fight other people for honor, items, gold, and just pure enjoyment.

All in all, it's a really awesome game. To the right is a picture of my level 58 Night Elf Druid. He's pretty cool to say the least. He can shapeshift between a bird, cheetah, bear, cat, and sea lion.

I hope you all enjoyed the post and I'll be writing again later this week! I'll try my best to make it easy!